6 Model bases cast around UK 1p sized coins (20mm); these are a perfect atmospheric adition to your tabletop and the recomended size for game system such as Spectre Operations.


We are selling these at cost and only currently have a relatively small number in stock but will produce more if they are popular. Much cheaper than resin alternatives, they are a little rough and ready (though we think that adds to their charm). 



Clip the figure off of their integally cast base and either pin them onto the new base... or freestyle it by just using metal glue. My personal preference is to add a thin coating of fine sand onto the road level section (prior to painting). This adds a fairly convincing black top (tarmac) effect.


*Please note that these are sold as a bundle of bases, any models sold unless expressly stated will be sold unpainted, some assembly may be required; and figures in photos as for referance and scale only.

**Please note as these are metal cast they do add some heft to your models, but they also add a fair bit of weight to shipping.

6 Metal cast 20mm bases