Here is the opportunity to purchase two metal cast figures from our Bluelight Miniatures range. The figures are designed to allow headswaps with out other police figures as well as a number of other leading 28mm brands.


The figures depict Armed Police officers and boast incredible details, sculpted by the talented Anton Ducrot.

One officer is a breacher, armed with a Benelli  M3 Supermax, loaded with solid lead breaching slugs this helps to combat even the toughest of hinges and a MP5 A3 sub machinegun for once the doors are gone. This chap is also sculpted modelling the latest in British military and policing gas mask technology, the GSR.

The second officer is depicted arresting a suspect and is armed with a G36C.


*Please note that the models will be provided unpainted, some assembly may be required.



Authorised Firearms Officers -Support 4 (Metal cast)